I’m first and foremost an artist who is also pretty good with a fishing rod. I have spent over 30 years behind the lens of a camera. My unique vision combined with passion for people and storytelling create marketing assets for your media team that will be extremely personal and effective in the rapidly changing angler market.

My approach in the industry has been quite different. I’m working with the industry and the anglers to help everyone create new and better media. Building one of a kind content by combining multi media formats to create stories that don’t feel like ads, thus connecting the product to the experience.

Most anglers fish first and grab whatever content they can to send to their sponsors, some work great and others don’t. Let’s be honest, most fishermen don’t know what shutter speed or frame rate even means. I’m definitely comfortable in front of the camera but understand the need for my talent behind it in the industry right now.

Working with Scott Beutjer Fishing will give you access to a professional content creator and an up and coming young angler in the industry. Pairing myself with your big stick and other high value promotional staff creates a new level of special content that you both will have access to for national advertising and social media. It’s a winning combination for everyone involved and an amazing way to get the most out of your marketing money.


I’ve had the opportunity to work with Scott on several occasions and he brings a great energy to a shoot, adds to the content creation process and does what it takes to get the shot. 

I would highly recommend adding Scott to your creative process or enlisting his talents to establish a reliable source of consistent brand building content. 

- Chad Hoover, Kayak Bass Fishing

Having Scott on the Flukemaster team has been huge. His talents and skills have brought our content creation to a whole new level. His vision behind the camera is something that can’t be taught. He is an exceptional angler and because of this he seems to know exactly when to have the camera ready for that perfect shot. His level of honesty, drive and work ethic is amazing. It has taken the industry by storm and we love it. 

- Gene Jensen, Flukemaster

Working with Scott has been so rewarding. When you work with a pro, you know exactly what you will get - results at the level you expect. And without exception, each experience has been that way.

- Kelly Woolsey, Bonafide Kayaks